Tradition and high tech – does that go together? Fits like a glove! Or like HAIX shoes on the feet of heroes. And everything started more than 70 years ago: Company founder Xaver Haimerl added the X of his first name to the first three letters of his surname and began manufacturing hiking and working boots in Mainburg, Bavaria. In 1992, his son Ewald Haimerl developed the first leather firefighting boots.

From a local shoemaker’s business HAIX has developed into a global player. HAIX is considered a top brand of functional shoes for fire fighters, police, and task forces worldwide. With numerous patents and new product developments, the global player from Bavaria is ready to set new standards with regards to functionality and innovation.

This company was founded in 1948 in Mainburg, Bavaria. Its practice-based research and creative new product developments are the trademarks of its craft. HAIX has redefined shoes for professional use with outstanding technical know-how and a perfected high-tech production process.

The Bavarian shoe making business is rich in tradition and has also established itself in the workwear, forestry, and outdoor industry thanks to the quality of its functional shoes and safety shoes.

The corporate strategy at HAIX was developed at the headquarters in Bavaria. A significant portion of the production is located there as well as the company headquarters. More particularly it houses the Research and Development Department, the creative workshop for shoe development with state-of-the-art research and test laboratories.

Early on, HAIX laid the foundation for one of the world’s most modern shoe production facilities in Croatia, one of the EU Member States. At this location, where the big names in the sports industry once had their high-tech products manufactured, over 1,300 employees are making high-quality HAIX functional shoes since 2009. The US branch of HAIX in Lexington, Kentucky, has been furthering expansion in the American market since 2003.

HAIX employs about 1,700 people worldwide and manufactured more than 1.4 million pairs of shoes in 2019. In Europe, America, or Asia – or wherever else reliable footwear is needed – high-quality HAIX boots have become an indispensable companion.

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