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New Zealand Workwear Limited

New Zealand Workwear Limited is a New Zealand operated commercial import business created to provide all sectors of New Zealand businesses, workers, and outdoor enthusiasts with access to Europe’s highest quality workwear, footwear, protective gear, and all-weather outdoor clothing… all with competitive prices.

This website provides…

  • on-line shopping and purchasing of products that are available locally in a growing NZ stock,
  • enjoyable browsing through very interesting and informative catalogues from various European manufacturers of high-quality workwear, protective and outdoor gear, andColor choice (if product has color options),
  • a feature called “Add to Quote” than enables you to request a price and quantity quote for any product which you find interesting while browsing through a manufacturer’s catalogue. When the quote response is received, you may order the product to be imported, or discard the information at no cost. Read the following sections for more detailed information on how the Add to Quote service works.


“ADD TO QUOTE” is a service that enables you to purchase any product and quantity from any catalog presented in this website.

Before you purchase any product that is in stock or request a quote for a product that must be imported, you must first register a new account or log into an existing account on the website.

To start shopping in the European market, go to the website’s home page and select one of the manufacturer’s catalogues. This will take you to the manufacturer’s “brand” page.

In the brand page, click the ADD TO QUOTE button. This will display an “Add To Quote” dialog window which you may use multiple times to identify products that you find interesting while shopping through the catalogues and so want to request information to make your purchase decision. Move this window to the side so you can use it any number of times while shopping in the various catalogues.

At this initial stage of website development, the “Add To Quote” dialog form requires manual input of the following product information presented in the catalogues:

  • Product ID number – unique for a product within the brand,
  • Material ID – some products have material options,
  • Product size – your required size specified from a set of size choices,
  • Product color – the desired color from a list of available color choices,
  • Quantity required – 1 to a maximum number of units that can be ordered; and
  • Page number – the catalogue page number that presents the product you’re interested in.

Press the SUBMIT button to add the quote request to your account’s Quote Request list.

  • Note that when a quote request has been submitted, the dialog remains open so you can continue shopping and adding more quote requests.
  • Also understand that submitting a quote request does not add the product to your account’s shopping cart, nor does it oblige you to purchase the product when you have received the quote response.

ADD TO QUOTE Processing

When you submit a quote request, it is added to your account’s Quote Request list. At any time, you can log into your account to view the status of each quote request, much like tracking the shipment of a package.

Processing of a quote request will immediately begin and may take three to five working days to complete. Quote processing will be completed when the quote response has been received, your Quote Request list has been updated, and you have been notified of the quote’s arrival by email.

When you receive the notice of the quote’s arrival, you must log into your account to access the quote information and accept or reject the offer. The quote will remain active for a period of time specified in your email. If you don’t respond to the notice within the specified time frame, the quote will be discarded.

If you are happy with the quote and wish to purchase the quantity of product for the quoted price, submit the purchase order to your shopping cart

  • For import purchases, your account will not be charged until your ordered product has been imported and delivered to New Zealand Workwear’s depot.
  • Should there be some failure to import the product, such as package has been lost or extensively delayed, the order can be cancelled or remain pending without any cost to you.

Product Delivery

Once the product has been received at New Zealand Workwear’s depot, the purchase will be handled in the same manner as a purchase of an in-stock product: your account will be charged, and a New Zealand courier will be dispatched to pick up and deliver the package to your door

  • The cost of the courier service will be included in your payment.
  • Delivery time for a product, from the depot to the customer’s address, depends on the performance of the New Zealand courier and the location of the customer within New Zealand. Estimated average delivery time would be 5 work days.

Shopping in the Euro Mall

One way to look at the Add to Quote service is that it creates a digital shopping mall. We provide access to a growing number of European manufacturers, akin to stores, in which you can shop randomly or for particular needs.

For example, when shopping for a special type of product, such as an S3 protective boot for workers, you can open a number of catalogues, and find, display and compare details of the different brands’ similar product types. When you have chosen a number of products to consider, you can submit a quote request for each brand. When you receive the quotes, you can then make the best choice of product to purchase when prices and availabilities are known.

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