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They can be gay, straight, bisexual, or pansexual, and may have any gender identity. For many people who identify as demisexual, having a label gives them a sense of belonging. They may have grown up feeling different from their peers because they didn’t have similar feelings of sexual attraction or interest in sex as described by peers.

For demisexual people, a relationship usually begins as a friendship and develops into something more. Pansexuality is when you have romantic, sexual, or emotional feelings for others regardless of their gender identity or sex. Most sexual orientation labels only refer to what gender a person prefers romantically or sexually. That’s not to say demisexual people don’t experience physical attraction at all; it just may not be the focus of what draws them to someone initially and what excites them about a partner.

Everything You Need To Know About Demisexuals

But I shouldn’t have agreed to sleep with him before I was ready. Clicked really fast with this one person, didn’t realize how hypersexual he was until my friend met him, because I was still new to finding someone attractive and was being my own version of hypersexual with him. It’s reasonable for a demisexual to want to put off having this conversation. It’s equally normal to look for every little sign or thing to suggest the person won’t be understanding and accepting of your needs. On the other hand, when it’s “I don’t feel that way about you right now.

Demisexuals On The Asexual Spectrum

These days, expanding language around sexual identity has allowed for more and more individuals to discover and step into their true sexual selves. One increasingly popular term is demisexual, which falls under the asexual umbrella. When mainstream establishments fail to provide information about a variety of sexual orientations, these online voices become crucial for education. These are the same colors as the asexual flag, although the design is different. This reflects that demisexuals are part of the asexual community, but that demisexuality is distinctive. Demisexuality may be described within the context of biological sex and gender identity .

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What Do Demisexuals Find Sexually Attractive?

There’s no limit to the ways in which you can identify sexually, and it’s encouraging to see terminology try to keep up. A label that’s making the rounds—one that plenty of people probably feel describes them, even if they may not have heard of it—is demisexual. Sexual identity has been and continues to be, an ever-evolving area. This is clear when you consider the term demisexuality, which only entered the English language in 2006 but has quickly become a widely used term. If you are demisexual, you might feel like an “odd person out” in the world, but you’re certainly not alone. It’s understandable if you’re not demisexual, but are dating someone who is, to feel hurt or slighted when sex is currently off the table.

Whether it’s fantasizing over that smoking hot woman you sat across from on the train during your commute or watching your favorite porn flick, the process of getting turned on is usually a sight driven experience. Because of this, David Ezell, clinical director of Darien Wellness says there are fewer demisexual men than women. “It is rare in men because men are, with these few exceptions, visually stimulated,” he explains. “For example, pornography exploits men’s visual stimulation. Most males see something that attracts them and feel a need to pursue that object; the power of images drives them.” But for those who identify as demisexual, there are a few added layers to navigate — particularly when trying to explain their position to those that aren’t familiar with the term.

They also may or may not experience arousal or desire based on the physical traits of the persons they already experience secondary sexual attraction towards. This means demisexuals can experience sexual attraction that is formed from a bond they share with another person. A demisexual individual is not generally sexually attracted to any specific gender unless there is a strong emotional bond formed. This is another label that is defined as someone who is attracted romantically to any individual, regardless of sexual orientation. However, the person still needs to be emotionally connected with their partner for any sexual attraction to take place. Sometimes, assessing all the factors can be quite hard for anyone to determine if a certain person is a demisexual or not.

When I told him that I was demisexual, he initially seemed to respect that boundary. Of course, I told him in a not so nice way to go fuck himself, then blocked. After several negative dating experiences, it’s easy to assume the next will be just as bad. And yes, it is important to be logical and have realistic expectations at the beginning of a relationship. Above all remember, you deserve to be in an amazingly healthy relationship that leaves you feeling secure, validated and cared for. Perhaps the best way to cope with this is by learning to love yourself first.

On the flipside, I wouldn’t typically recommend for someone who just wanted a hookup. Do some research (including “field research” if need be) to get a sense of which sites and apps are most aligned with what you’re looking for, and use those. Some people certainly do refrain from sex for their own personal reasons or beliefs, and some just have a lack of interest, be it altogether or with particular people. Regardless, such labels aren’t just inappropriate and offensive, but inaccurate — no matter what reason a person has for refraining from physical intimacy.

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