Tubbo Girlfriend: Who Is The Streamer Dating? Gay Rumors

For the fans who are watching the gaming streaming, Tubbo and Ranboo are not anonymous. Both the streamers are part of Dream SMP, an online streaming community. Tubbo is often seen streaming action gaming while Ranboo is known for vlogs as well as gaming. With time, their love grows and the couple became more close to each other. On April 15, 2022 Ponk talked to Puffy about McPuffy’s being blown up.

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It means doing what’s right even though some may think it’s wrong.. It’s losing the people you are closest with you even when it’s the last thing you could ever want.. The next day, she returned Carl to Technoblade free of charge.

Tubbo kept the nukes in their vault, however, believing that he would find other uses for them, or that they could at least serve as a good defense for Snowchester. Tubbo also invited Ranboo to come and see him, and decided to try and help Ranboo regain some of his memories, claiming to be a witch doctor. When Ranboo asked why Tubbo was helping him, reminding him that he had betrayed L’Manberg, Tubbo only replied that he liked to think he had a forgiving personality. Tubbo eventually gave it up and turned his attention to building another tunnel from Snowchester to Tommy’s home. Then, looking for citizens, Tubbo invited Jack Manifold to come live with him in Snowchester. Although Jack at first refused, Tubbo persisted, and managed to convince him by sharing the fact that he and Tommy were planning to kill Dream.

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However, he also noted that she was complaining about Tommy instead of helping him build. “Oi just your boyfriend hes RLLY drunk!” I just sighed and replied with “Well thanks for bringing him home, and were not dating!” I said while grabbing my very much drunk partner. “Mhm sure say what you want but im going home, bye!!” “Bye Tom..” God this man is so dumb. Tubbo meets up with Ranboo in a Dream SMP meetup and is very excited to spend time with him and his best friend Tommy.

After being in a dedicated and serious relationship, I do not know how to be single. Tubo and Ranboo is a Twitch streamer who is also a member of SMP. And has been able to gain amass fans and followers all over his social media. One of the situations occurred at the green festival when Dream called Tubbo an idiot and worst president L’Manberg ever had. They became close friends when they started their Twitch account and Tommy raided Toby’s account. Although the speculation that Ranboo is dating Aimsey didn’t pan out, she’s far from the only person that he has been linked with since he’s become a prominent streamer.

Tubbo recalled how Quackity had called for Technoblade’s execution, and that despite Tubbo being the president, Quackity had served as the de-facto leader of the Butcher Army. He also told Ranboo about the fact that Quackity had wanted to execute Ranboo after the Green Festival, but Tubbo had talked him down. He and Sapnap later dug out a room beneath his house in hopes of creating a secret villager farm, which was technically against the rules of the server. It ended up being found by Dream, who killed all of Tubbo’s villagers, disabled his iron golem farm, and warned him not to bend the rules. Tubbo, still wanting to get away with what he could, went on to instead build up a hidden jungle base, where he started another villager farm. It was only accessible from an ice boat on the Nether roof, and he felt confident that it wouldn’t be found.

After Puffy told the two that their plan to get Sam on the Eggpire failed, Ant and Bad revealed they had a Plan B that was a surprise. They didn’t share any more info, and the conversation moved onto a different topic. Two days later, Puffy heard that Sam was trying to blow up the vines and Egg and met up with BadBoyHalo, who was also under the influence of The Egg. Upon arriving in The Egg’s room, she was told that The Egg repaired itself after being blown up by Sapnap and Sam due to theirs and Skeppy’s discomfort towards it and the vines. Puffy and Bad then walked around the server to check on the vines, finding that they were safe and had grown, much to their satisfaction. Concerned with further attacks, the two decided to encase The Egg with obsidian.

Both have a fantastic fan following and are rather active on social media. Despite the limited information that is known about Tubbo, he is exceedingly kind. In addition to YouTube, Tubbo is active on several other social media networks. They were both little Twitch streamers at the time and have grown up on the network together. The duo regularly plays together and flirts with one another.

After being begged to move with him, Tubbo moves to Elquarence Hills with his best friend, Tommy. When he goes to Spenxix Hype High, he meets his bully on his first day… Fans, of course, were hookupinsight left reeling in excitement from the live reveal of the meet-up. The hashtag for the two’s meet-up “#beeduomeetup” began trending, spawning several affectionate tweets from elated fans.

She investigated the house and figured it was Technoblade due to the fan art everywhere. She then saw Ranboo outside, who attempted to avoid her by hiding in his shack. She also asked if he knew anything about the note, with him responding that he knew nothing of the message.

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