Canonicity in Doctor Who

Since it can’t crossover with or even acknowledge the spin-off media. You may enjoy both, you may consider real both, but I cannot see how two version of the same event can at the same time (without the Doctor, the TARDIS and same timey-wimey stuff being involved). Ah, yes, Paul Cornell mentions the BBC Charter in the article, and then I say “What about the BBC Charter?

the joy of reading and writing superman and me essay

When you move beyond the core transcendental pieces, you get a better sense of this range. He tackles everything from love to manners, history how many words is a 5 paragraph essay to illusion, friendship to politics. None of these has the cachet of “Nature” or “Self-Reliance,” but many, in my opinion, are stronger.

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They dance across the boundary between art and argument, poetry and prose. They make you question the point of those distinctions.

the joy of reading and writing superman and me essay

A collection of cell phone imagery of black people murdered in contemporary life is juxtaposed with archival images dating back to slave times to show that in many ways, nothing has changed. We saw coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement throughout 2020, so I would be remiss not to include what I believe to be a very strong entry in this significant genre. This is clearly a biased choice, but I still feel obliged to mention three student video essays. A workshop with Kevin B. Lee saw the birth of many short videographic exercises, some of which were developed into full-length pieces. As the videographic practice in the Czech Republic is being invented practically from scratch, I was surprised how accomplished, original, and funny the videos turned out.

A House is Not a Home: Wright or Wrong

My feedback questioned the very need for diverse books, implying that queer themes are too mature for children to understand. I was unsure how to respond in either situation, never having encountered someone who so blatantly dismissed the value of inclusive literature or expected a queer story to centre on AIDS. Why did they have those views or expectations?

  1. The striking juxtapositions Jafa creates between images and Kanye West’s music is thrilling.
  2. For several years now I have been an ardent Hogan’s Heroes fan and an observer of pretty hard-core Buffy fans.
  3. This may also be a standout for how it combines both the Zoom revolution with the Racial Equity revolution, and may be one of the most effective ways I’ve seen the Zoom framework employed.
  4. But humour is the key to understanding what Home’s up to and too many readings of Home miss this.
  5. For instance I can’t tell you how desperately sad I am that the Doctor Who novels range have been shelved in favour of the kiddie book range.

The audiovisual essay details some darker areas of the internet whilst also re-presenting the edgier moments of Lynch’s, Mulholland Drive. It is often fun and playful and the use of text is brilliantly deployed. This year I taught a dedicated video essay course for the first time in a while and Grace Lee was the go-to for examples of incredibly smart, quick-witted, well-researched and audiovisually engaging work. Lee’s awareness of the possibilities of animation shines through in this video, an awareness developed through both her critical and filmmaking practice. An incredibly careful and thorough examination of the spectatorial mechanisms of two protagonists that exposes how much our beliefs and ideological convictions determine how we make sense of online images. Criterion makes many great, concise supercuts to advertise the films on their streaming service.

My First Film

But her piece then builds on this historical research with a series of imaginative visual experiments that make the most of the videographic form. The visual regimes of video games balance between realism and absurdity, between aesthetic refinement and ethic crudeness. There’s a wealth of great video essays and machinima about games. YouTuber eurothug4000 fascinatingly focused on virtual photography within games. But I chose this piece by Leonhard Müllner which virtually visits children’s playgrounds in shooter games. Those playgrounds are used as innocent-looking backdrops to the violent mayhem.

  1. King Charles and Queen Camilla will be crowned in an inclusive coronation service, with everybody encouraged to…
  2. Before I delve into this part of the Utopian Curriculum series, I must offer some thanks.
  3. His intense isolation is intolerable and in the end, he confesses his crime.
  4. McGoff’s My Mullholland is a poignant consideration of traumatic film viewing.
  5. It also heightens and mirrors Raskolnikov’s heightened emotional world and confusion surrounding his feelings toward the murders.

Before the End is an interesting case in terms of its circulation and 2020-ness . It’s a very simple, short video that uses the basic principles of editing and the Kuleshov effect to join excerpts from separate zoom interviews with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy to suggest a narrative sequel to the Before film series. Stone’s video went viral, eventually reaching way more viewers than the original interviews had. It speaks to various intersecting technological, narrative, and communicative desires of this particular moment. This video does a great job of walking through the origins of making this film, breaking down how it’s structured, and finally, how it could’ve been rewritten to be stronger. A long video, but extremely entertaining and well-organised. Forensickness is a longer audiovisual essay/experimental film that considers Chris Kennedy’s film, Watching the Detectives.

More explanations about American Literature

Meshes of the Afternoon is one of those films that I rewatch all the time, just to try and understand how it works; how it was assembled. I feel the same way about Alex Slentz’s video, which blends together footage from Maya Deren’s film, Persona, and Un Chien Andalou. Similar classification and division definition to the video by Probst and Hann, I am inspired by the way Sletz allows us to see the canvas on which the video essay was created. The fluid movements of the images and their interactions with one another blend together in a beautiful collage and insightful analysis.

the joy of reading and writing superman and me essay

Perhaps the answer has to do with misunderstanding queer themes in children’s literature. The Hate U Give deals with the way in which police brutality and systematic criminalisation of black bodies damage African American communities, depicting the struggle often felt by people of colour between who they are and how they are perceived by the world. The events of the novel are particularly resonant in light of recent cases of police brutality which have resulted in the death of victims such as Trayvon Martin, which sparked the activist movement, Black Lives Matter. The Hate U Give follows Starr Carter as she negotiates the fallout from the horrific police brutality suffered by her friend Khalil. The novel explores Starr’s journey to finding her voice so that she can explicitly challenge police brutality against African Americans. As an example it is instructive to look at mental actor Klaus Kinski’s autobiographywhich draws heavily on the white European Romantic tradition even though Kinski is trying to present himself as something of a joker. Kinski takes his fuck festing ways far too seriously for it to be humorous.

A Summary of Crime and Punishment

“I agree, that it is a disease like everything that exceeds moderation. And, of course, in this one must exceed moderation. But in the first place, everybody does so in one way or another, and in the second place, of course, one ought to be moderate and prudent…” . LuzhinDunya’s fiancé, she is self-absorbed and shallow. He only wishes to marry Dunya for her beauty and likes that she is poor.

the joy of reading and writing superman and me essay

He’s seen to have more authority than one of many production teams in a show created by committee. But that’s just the difference between current American and old British production models. Lockdown life boosted the output of some video essayists and made others sour on the form, but it left nobody indifferent. Several pieces poked fun at our Zoomified existence or lamented our Skyped interactions. Rob Stone fabricated a touching video call between Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.

A Revolt Without Images Una revuelta sin imágenes

When this entry on The Siege came out, it was a couple of months into the pandemic here in the States. I, like many people, was working from home, and felt really disconnected from the outside world.

’ Wells writes on the book’s blurb – signalling that the nerdy obsessive record collecting love lorn geek of that well-received white male novel is yet again a nostalgia trip which meets the depressive and conservative agenda of the English novel. By publishing Manning Wells has recognised that what the literary garden needs is definition argument essays Klee’s black arrowed cock prodding away at it all. Of course Manning, unlike the Faber poet Paulin, is seen as a bit of rough failing literature’s higher calling. There is no sense of absurdity, no sense of humour at all in this regulated language. It is deeply boring stuff, stifling pleasure and its lubricated body-thought.

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When deliberately tampering with history the ninth Doctor says “I know what I’m doing” in “The Doctor Dances”. The implication is that humans, and thus fandom, don’t know what they are doing. So trying to retrospectively construct continuity for this character, much more a canon, is a lost cause. The only two Doctor Who jigsaw puzzles that could ever be completed papers on gun control featured Jon Pertwee in the Tardis and Bessie. You know paul, all this talk of canonicity and continuity remids me of a short piece i read on the Douglas Adams website, quite a long time ago. It was called ‘Pedants’and described those people who insit on arguing over what are very minor details . I know that ‘Doctor Who’ has numerous contridictions.

I basically think you’re right, and I know I hate it when people have fights about this. Still I’d like to say something in the defense of a solidly stated canon.

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