What is a Digital Transformation Strategy? Why is it Important?

Perception Point supports digital transformation at scale by providing enterprise-grade security to protect email, browsers, cloud collaboration platforms and proprietary apps from all types of cyberattacks. Digital transformation can also be driven by a desire to better understand your business. Data can provide businesses with valuable insights to inform future business objectives, products, and services. Companies who collect data have not taken steps to combine and analyze that data. Businesses who are able to analyze their data sources will gain insight to build smarter companies that make better decisions.

Digital transformation strategy

Companies are trying to stay up-to-date with trends by implementing a transformation strategy. New technologies and innovations from other sectors are infiltrating every aspect of our lives, and it is important for businesses to take that into account. As a result, organizations need to be able to use these technologies to their advantage. This is particularly important so that the underperformance of one particular project doesn’t reflect negatively on the overarching efforts of IT.

Increase revenues through innovation:

Lucidchart helps you map out your current state so you can visualize where you are now and more easily identify gaps and opportunities for where you want to be. Your budget will help you structure your ultimate strategy going forward, especially as you identify priorities, allocate resources, and determine scope. Resource Library Explore intriguing customer success stories, videos, webinars and podcasts. Amplify development outcomes by embedding digital across all UNDP programming. A mindset, which translates into a new way of working that enables people and institutions to innovate with technology.

You can create your content in advance and automate their scheduled posting dates with these tools. This will help you save time, especially when you are busy and cannot keep up with social media responsibility. With the unwavering support of your team, you can collectively work on digital solutions that will benefit your clients and enhance your business’s creativity and innovation. Frequently corporations are focused entirely on organizational transformation and overlook the fact there are four types of innovation. As a result, they’re limiting themselves from taking full advantage of all digital transformation has to offer.

Develop user-friendly digital systems

A significant benefit to smart technologies lies in their immense scalability and capacity for rapid adaptation and reconfiguration. A great transformation road map should allow for agility and growth but start with what digital transformation means for business a road map that has a few strong and attainable goals. Build solid change management and migration strategies into your plan as well – digital transformation is as much a human journey as a technological one.

Digital transformation strategy

And not just how they interact with employees, but also the way they interact with customers—directly and digitally. Executive teams and boards of directors will be held accountable for making this pivot. Use this moment to take note of gaps in your https://globalcloudteam.com/ business’s ability to function digitally. The current landscape of dramatic changes will provide insight to new long-term shifts in your business. Prior to the shelter-in-place restrictions, were your online sales at 14% and now they’re at 30%?

How to Get Started with Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is no longer a nice-to-have; it is a must-have essential for any competitive business. But making it happen is no longer simply an IT or technological initiative. Discover how EY’s employee chatbot improved productivity and offered 24×7 people support. Hear from pharmaceutical manufacturing and healthcare solutions company, Kiara Health, and how it has greater efficiency and has future proofed its business thanks to its ERP system. Ultimately, digitalization and digital transformation marks the transition from analog to digital. Customer engagement matters just as much as employee engagement, which means businesses must meet the evolving expectations of today’s customers.

  • In other words, companies who don’t understand their processes and operations can’t identify business priorities.
  • Digital transformation may cause their job to become obsolete or drastically change their responsibilities.
  • To do this, companies need to plan ahead and be active designers for their future.
  • Since 2004, Linda helped drive Planview’s market advancement and significant growth through marketing leadership roles.
  • When customers are not satisfied with a product or service, they leave.

Sponsor a small contest for your IT candidates to come up with solutions for your anticipated problems in the company. Challenge them to “hack” and present their ideas by defending them in the most creative and convincing ways. This not only provides you with valuable solutions, but it also points out the best candidates for you to hire. Implement Virtual Private Networks connections between your office locations. These protect your network, especially if you are connected through public Wi-Fi services. These assist in measuring each member’s performance in relation to their assigned tasks.

Digital Leadership

On the other hand we see that digital transformation is often approached as an ongoing journey that is more about a continuous business transformation strategy in the scope of technological and societal change. It’s the development of a capacity to act, react and ideally pro-act as societal changes and technological evolutions continue to take place, accelerate and evolve. This dimension will increase even more with the interconnection of everything and more actionable intelligence opportunities, what the Internet of Things or IoT is really about. At the same time, information management requires a holistic and integrated approach. There are more bridges to build than just those between the ‘IT and information management side’ and ‘the business side’. It’s equally critical to integrate information/content and processes, with the business and knowledge worker in mind as previously mentioned.

Funding digital transformation is a complex process that is best approached one step at a time. In the short term, start with an end-to-end view of digital opportunities and requirements across the customer journey. From there, choose a challenge that fits your desired investment and payoff opportunity. By doing these things, organizations can self-fund innovation, optimize technology investments and remove roadblocks to change. Lean transformation with an adaptive case management approach, a focus on the 3Ps and room for failure and iteration as in a continuous Bèta model offer ways to tackle these challenges.

Why is digital transformation important?

Instead of generalized goals like “be more resilient” or “improve productivity,” KPIs attach defined and achievable milestones and targets to your transformation initiative. Then, be sure to engage with subject specialists across the business to be sure that you fully understand the impact and potential of each of the departments and functions within your business. Unlike software upgrades of the past, digital transformation is not an isolated IT project.

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